Development of a Nano-activator Doped Surface Modifier for Sn-Zn Based Lead-free Soldering

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The Sn-Zn system is expected to be one of the best choices for Sn-Pb replacement because its melting temperature is close to that of the Sn-Pb, and Zn is a low cost metal. However, the wetting on substrate metallization is poor when utilized with fluxes used for conventional Sn-Pb solders. The increased surface energies and reactivities associated with nano-powders would allow them to be utilized as a strong activator for wetting and interfacial reactions during soldering. This nano-activated surface modifier can offer an exceptional opportunity to have a new system that is either fluxless, or with flux but with less residue, and, at the same time, guarantee improved wetting characteristics and have the highest mechanical integrity for Pb-free systems.This project will explore a new nano metal/compound powder embedded surface modification technology for Sn-Zn, as well as for other lead-free solders, through a wide range of experimental studies such as basic flux formulation, the development of improved under bump metallization (UBM) and characterizations, reliability studies, and failure analyses. Successful completion of this project will lead to a new generation of cost-effective, hazardous-free soldering for ultra-fine pitch technology applications.


Project number9041222
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/07/0720/07/11