Development of a Magnetic Driven Microrobotic Control System for In-vivo Transportation of Cell-cultured Microrobots

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Precise delivery of targeted materials in vivo through magnetic-field driven microagents represents a promising technique for precision medicine. However, several key challenges have yet to be adequately addressed before clinical application of this technique can be realized. Among these challenges, development of a magnetic manipulation system that can effectively transport microagents with desired materials inside body is a major technical hurdle. This project aims to develop an electromagnetic manipulation setup that can control magnetic microrobots to carry and deliver targeted cells into the desired site in vivo. The development will be carried out with the following aspects, each with laboratory demonstration prototypes. First, an electromagnetic manipulation platform will be designed to navigate and track magnetic agents in body. The system will have a large workspace while maintaining high magnetic field density and gradient to enable precise positioning and orientation control of the microagents in animal tests. Second, magnetic microrobot will be designed and fabricated using a 3D laser writing tool, which will be used to carry and deliver cells to the specified location in vivo. Third, a high-resolution photoacoustic imaging technique for real-time tracking of microagent motion inside animal will be developed. Finally, precise delivery of targeted cells using magnetic driven microrobots will be demonstrated based on the integration of all the above developments. The success of this project will greatly advance microrobotic technology for medical therapy, and provide a basis with which to translate these developments from a proof of concept laboratory demonstration level to the industrial product level with clinical trials.


Project number9440200
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/09/1831/07/20