Development of a 3-D GA Tool for Facility Layout Planning in High-rise Building Development

Project: Research

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This study focuses on how to efficiently manage three-dimensional space for construction facilities where, usually, space for facilities around the building footprint is not available. The limitations on the available horizontal space create a need to explore the vertical expansion of facilities. This raises new aspects of vertical material handling and flow that need to be considered as part of the facility design problem. The construction site layout plan method provides layout planners with a valuable technique to develop efficient sequences of work that optimally define how to efficiently utilize the construction facilities and minimize the travel of specific facilities effort on multi-level or multiple-floor buildings.A genetic algorithm-based heuristic (GA model) will be presented for generating “block” layouts for multi-level layout problems. Finally, a computer programme will be developed to implement the GA model with 3D visualization in a CAVE room. The programme will be validated, with the collaboration of one of the largest main-contractors in the Hong Kong construction industry, using realistic project data, and its solution will be qualitatively assessed by a group of experienced engineers and construction managers.


Project number9041231
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/10/0715/06/11