Development and Investigation of a High-energy Efficient Ozone-catalytic Oxidation Based Air Purifier

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The objective of this project is to develop a high-energy efficient ozone-catalytic oxidation (OCO) based air purifier for VOCs removal. The air purifier will be operated at room temperature and dilute VOCs effluent streams which cannot be found in any of the purifier equipment in the market.In this project, a highly-active and stable nano-sized catalyst supported by carbon aerogel will first be developed by our proposed cost-effective method. Utilizing these catalysts, a novel OCO reactor with metal foam as skeleton will then be designed and fabricated. Series of experiments and the modeling and simulating the OCO process will be performed to optimize the operating conditions and the reactor design so that a new air purifier with high purification and energy efficiencies will be developed.The air purifier to be developed offers three striking features: i) much lower operating temperature, reducing energy consumption; ii) the enhanced VOCs transport and adsorption, increasing the purification efficiency; iii) the reduced pressure drop, decreasing pump work and further saving the energy. This technology not only help to improve the air quality, but also to create a new industry for the manufacturers in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta.


Project number9440087
Effective start/end date1/05/1228/02/14