Developing Sodium Acetate As Novel Anti-Pseudomonas Syringae Agent

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Pseudomonas syringae, one of the leading causal agents of bacterial diseases on a large group of crops and fruits worldwide, uses type 3 secretion system to infect hosts. Conventional control methods such as various bactericide compounds, biocontrol bacteria, developing resistant plant are largely ineffective. This project aims to apply sodium acetate (NaAc), a novel and green inhibitor of T3SS of P. syringae identified by us recently, to suppress bacterial virulence in plant models, and to assess its toxicity in plant. The future plan is to perform greenhouse and field trials on its anti-infection capability. Given its high efficiency in inhibiting bacteria and low price as well as toxicity to plants, our ultimate goal is to develop NaAc into a novel class of anti-P. syringae drugs.


Project number9440207
Effective start/end date1/03/19 → …