Developing Realistic Visual Lobe Shape Index Values under Foveal Load Conditions and Optimizing Shape Characteristics with Specialized Training

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The visual lobe is the area around the central part of the retina (fovea) within which a particular target may be detected against a particular background. In this research, a series of experiments will be conducted to investigate the effects of a task in central vision (foveal cognitive load) on visual lobe shape characteristics and to examine the possibility of optimizing lobe shape characteristics by specialized training. The objectives are as follows: (i) to obtain lobe shape index values under realistic simultaneous foveal load conditions, (ii) to study the effects of regular lobe shape training on changes of lobe shape characteristics, and (iii) to evaluate the effectiveness of improvements in lobe shape parameters and visual search performance among subjects with different baselines, training, and cognitive feedback options. Knowledge from this research will provide vital information for visual search modelling and for devising useful inspection training strategies to improve inspection performance.


Project number9041218
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/088/02/10