Developing Novel Chromones and Photo-Triggered Chromone Delivery System for Cosmetic Applications

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In view of enhancing our life-quality and sustainability, developing superior antioxidants for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications remain unabated. Chromone-derived flavonoids not only exhibit protective role against oxidation processes, but also display anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer properties. Despite active research in developing new organic chromone derivatives for various biomedical applications, metalated chromones derivatives and their pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications are rare, probably owing to the lack of general synthetic approaches for these metalated chromones. Very recently, we have developed a novel method to prepare metalated chromone complexes, and demonstrated that they exhibit low cytotoxicity and possess superior antioxidative capacity to their organic counterparts. Importantly, our preliminary results suggest that, with careful and rational design, the metalated chromone complexes can be converted into a photo-triggered chromone delivery system for on-demand drug delivery applications. The objectives of this proposal are to develop new metalated chromones with superior antioxidative capacity via the green and efficient synthetic routes based on our recent discovery for cosmetic use, and to realize photoresponsive chromone delivery materials for pharmaceutical application. The success of this project not only would lead to patentable new pharmaceutical/cosmetic products, but also an impact in the aspect of healthy ageing.


Project number9440201
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