Developing Local Cases for Transportation Logistics to Enhance DEC

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“Transportation Logistics”, an undergraduate and postgraduate course offered by the Department of Management Sciences, is one of the most popular subjects among local and overseas students since it is well-known that transportation is a pervasive activity all over the world. Although many teaching materials on supply chain management have been published, it lacks textbook focusing on transportation. Worst still, many textbooks on transportation often use business practices and cases in Western countries, particularly Europe and the United States, but hardly mention Asian countries. As China is a world factory and Hong Kong is an international trade gateway connecting the world, it is believed that many business models and practices are worth studying inside and outside classroom. This project aims to develop a casebook on transportation logistics in Hong Kong and China, which enhances teaching and learning experiences through a case-based and discovery enriched curriculum. These case studies help students (1) better understand complex issues and concepts in textbooks;(2) examine and evaluate local practices and business models; (3) develop critical thinking by comparing textbook contents with local experiences; (4) identify challenges and opportunities; and (5) prepare themselves for the real world and forecast future needs and development in local transportation industry.


Project number6000458
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/11/134/12/15