Developing In-class Peer-review Assessments using Google Forms

Project: Research

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Professionals are often evaluated by their peers (e.g., clients), who will pass judgment whether their work has sufficient quality. While conducting in-class peer-review is a good way to prepare our students for such work demand, this assessment approach has operational issues. One, there is no quick way to deploy peer-review forms, and elicit timely results for the reviewees. Two, students may collude (i.e., giving their friends higher ratings) in peer-reviews, thus turning reviews inaccurate. In this project, I would like to examine these two problems through the use of Google Forms for peer-review assessment in SM3511 Interface Design class. The use of Google Forms should expediate the calculation and release of peer-review results. Also, the digitization of peer-review data may allow collusion networks to be efficiently identified. In this project, I will collect both quantitative and qualitative measures to (1) examine representativeness of student peer-review scores, (2) identify benefits of peer-review to students’ learning, and (3) minimize collusion while utilizing this assessment approach. The findings will benefit SM3511 and other classes conducting student peer-review assessments using Google Forms.


Project number6000535
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date15/12/1530/11/17