Developing Cases for Teaching Sustainable Development of Hong Kong

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To reverse the long-term deteriorating sustainability trends in Hong Kong hinges on equipping next generation leaders in Hong Kong's government, business and civic society with the knowledge and analytical skills to meet the complex, dynamic sustainability challenges. Therefore, to offer engaging, tailor-made general education courses on sustainability to undergraduate students from different disciplines is of vital importance to attain this objective. The broad scope and interconnectedness of sustainability and consequent holistic ways of thinking to conceptualize sustainability give rise to the need for innovative educational approaches that facilitate real interdisciplinary-disciplinary thinking. Against this backdrop, the PI has championed the design and upcoming offering of a GE course namedSustainable Development of Hong Kong.The PI's experience with case teaching in sustainability courses at Yale University affirms that adopting the innovative case teaching method in GE courses may significantly facilitate problem-based learning and cultivate interdisciplinary thinking among participatory students. A principal barrier to this pedagogical innovation is lacking pertinent teaching cases that explore how to meet current sustainability challenges facing Hong Kong's government, business and civil society and also fit the education background of second-year and third-year undergraduate students. The proposed project is seeking TDG for removing the above barrier.


Project number6000340
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/05/1131/08/12