Developing an Organisational Culture Inventory for Construction Organisations

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The construction industry has been criticized for being inefficient. There are many factors attributing to this, inter alia, confrontational contracting behaviour, lack of innovation, and indifference to research and development efforts. To be more progressive, some forms of cultural changes are needed. In fact, organizational culture has been identified as one of the essential factors affecting efficiency and productivity. Given the scale of this project, it does not aim to investigate the full spectrum of issues related to organizational culture. Instead, through the exploration of the theoretical construct of organizational culture, an inventory that can be used to evaluate the cultural orientation of construction organizations will be developed. For the purpose of this project, construction organizations refer to contractors. This group of organizations is chosen for this study because they are primarily responsible for project delivery by executing the physical works that apparently have been attracting wide criticism in efficiency terms. To validate the proposed inventory, the set of techniques that has been used widely in organizational behavioural studies will be employed. These include classification, testing of scale reliability, longitudinal consistency, and concurrent and construct validity.


Project number7002086
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Effective start/end date1/04/079/03/10