Deterioration of Bi-layer Material System

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This research is motivated from the durability concern of this widely used method of concrete retrofit applications. The objective is to develop an in-depth mechanistic understanding of FRP retrofitted concrete by proper quantification of moisture affected debonding in concrete/epoxy system to form the basis for future design guideline development. Prior research studies in this area have indicated that moisture affected debonding in a FRP-bonded concrete system is a complex phenomenon that may often involve a distinctive dry-to-wet debonding mode shift from material decohesion (concrete delamination) to interface separation (concrete/epoxy interface) in which concrete/epoxy interface becomes the critical region of failure. Such premature failures may occur regardless of the durability of the individual constituent materials forming the material systems. In this project, fracture toughness of concrete/epoxy interfaces as affected by combinations of various degrees of moisture ingress and temperature levels is quantified. For this purpose, sandwich beam specimens containing concrete/epoxy interfaces are tested and analyzed using the concepts of fracture mechanics. Experimental results have shown a significant decrease in the interfacial fracture toughness of concrete/epoxy bond with selected levels of moisture and temperatures.


Project number9500012
Grant typeCROU
Effective start/end date1/08/125/01/18