Designing Control Inputs and Inner Couplings for Controllability and Observability of Complex Dynamical Networks

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Network controllability and observability are essential and key to guarantee before onecan consider how to control or predict a complex dynamical network in any application.This proposal aims to design control inputs by means of characterizing the control inputand inner coupling matrices for achieving complete state and/or structural controllabilityand/or observability of complex dynamical networks. Basic properties of control inputmatrices and their relationships with the invariant system state-controllability subspacewill be precisely characterized. Then, based on that, the inner coupling and control inputmatrices such that the overall network is completely state and/or structural controllableand/or observable. Finally, for typical fully-connected networks, trees, or cycles,establish some simple and easily-verifiable criteria for designing the inner coupling andcontrol input matrices towards their complete state and/or structural controllabilityand/or observability.?


Project number9042472
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/18 → …