Design of Acyclic Carbene Complexes for Catalytic and Sensing Applications

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Owing to the unique catalytic applications of transition metal N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC)complexes, wide varieties of cyclic carbene ligands and their metal complexes have been developedand extensively investigated. In contrast, the acyclic carbene complexes are much less explored. Itis only until recently, more attention has been paid to the development of the acyclic carbenecomplexes. This can be attributed to the recent discovery of the excellent catalytic performance ofthe acyclic diaminocarbene (ADC) complexes. Through the coordination of 2-aminopyridine intothe isocyano Re(I) complex precursors, we have very recently reported a series of luminescent Re(I)complexes with bidentate ADC ligands. Our investigation on these complexes firstly revealed theCO2-capturing and anion-binding capability of the NH moieties of the ADC ligands.Inspired by properties of our recently reported luminescent Re(I)-ADC complexes, transition metalcomplexes with various ADC ligands will be designed and synthesized in this project. Throughsystematic study of these carbene complexes, the electronic properties and bonding of the metalcarbenecan be elucidated. In addition, the anion and CO2 binding affinity of acyclic amino carbenecomplexes as well as their catalytic and chemosensory applications will also be explored.


Project number9042557
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