Design of a Novel Double Folded Shorted Patch Antenna

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In modern wireless communications, a miniature antenna is desirable for both handsets and indoor base stations, as the space available for the installation of their antennas is limited. The microstrip patch antenna is definitely a good choice due to its low-profile feature, but it inherently suffers from the weakness of narrow bandwidth. A newly developed patch antenna, designated as the double-folded shorted-patch antenna (DFSPA), is found to have much wider bandwidth and occupy less space than the conventional patch antenna. Comprehensive research on the DFSPA is proposed in this project. DFSPAs with different characteristics will be designed, fabricated and tested. The study will include designs with extremely high wideband operation and dual-band operation. Techniques for further reducing the overall size and controlling the radiation patterns will also be investigated. Due to the attractive features of the DFSPA such as novelty in design, simplicity in structure and outstanding performance, it is expected to make a great impact on modern antenna technologies.


Project number9041133
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0628/08/08