Design and Synthesis of Luminescent Mechanochromic Polymers and Soft Materials From Luminescent Metal-Complex-Based Crosslinkers

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The design and study of mechanoresponsive polymers is a rapidly developing field. The crosslinking of known mechanophore in polymers represents one of the most effective strategies to develop mechanoresponsive polymers. This strategy enables designingpolymers with predictable mechanoresponsive properties. However, the design of crosslinking mechanophores is still in its infancy. Mechanophores capable of undergoing reversible chemical transformation are mainly confined to those of photochromic systems. This limits the development of polymers with desirable mechanoresponsive behavior.In this project, we will developed new classes of crosslinking mechanophores based on our recently developed phosphorescent transition metal complexes showing solid-state luminescent mechanochromism. We anticipated that their mechanoresponsive properties can be systematically modified by varying their coordination system and ligands. As demonstrated in our preliminary results, it is expected that the incorporation of these mechanophores into the polymeric systems would lead to the development of luminescent mechanochromic polymers derived from the mechanochemical changes in these complexes. The proposed design of mechanophores based on luminescent transition metal complexes represents an unexplored area and would definitely initiate newdevelopment on mechanoresponsive polymers and soft materials. On the other hand, applications of these polymers as mechanical and chemical sensors will be explored.


Project number9043040
Grant typeGRF
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