Design and Synthesis of Chiral Pyridine-Containing Metallo-supramolecular Self-Assemblies for Catalysis

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Supramolecular chemistry has tremendous impact in chemistry for the past few decades. With its very rapid development, a shift in focus among chemists working in the area from single molecules to supramolecular self-assemblies has occurred and a large number of supramolecular systems have been synthesized. One way of constructing these systems is to use metal-ligand interactions to “stitch” together organic components into larger assemblies. A very large number of these metallo-supramolecular systems have been reported, which included knots, catenanes, helicates, metallo-rings, squares, grids, ladders and boxes. The popularity of these systems probably comes from the substantial thermodynamic stability associated with them, their easiness of preparation and their beautiful structures. Also, their ability of self-healing makes them very interesting systems for applications in certain areas. We propose here to develop syntheses of new chiral pyridine-containing ligands based metallo-supramolecular self-assemblies for asymmetric catalysis.


Project number9041642
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1228/06/16