Design and Structural Application of Thin-walled Hybrid Composites Inspired by Bamboo's Hierarchical Microstructure

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Here we propose to develop novel hierarchical cellularthin-walled composites by latest 3D printing technology coupledwith high entropy alloys (HEAs) surface coating. Based on theinsights we’ve obtained from our past three years’ R&D onbamboo-inspired materials design and 3D printing, we aim tofurther improve the mechanical properties and functionality ofthin-walled composite structures by incorporating our recentbreakthroughs in developing advanced HEA thin film coating.This hybrid structure of thin-walled composites mimics themicrostructure of moso bamboo, in particular for its hierarchicaldistribution, reinforced node and cellular matrix configuration,with advanced HEA metallic coating for protection andstrengthening. We will conduct the design with FEM modeling,followed by sensitivity analysis and design optimization. Uponthe 3D printed core structures, HEA metallic coating will beapplied by using our developed multi-target magnetron sputteringmethod. Multi-scale mechanical characterizations of the hybridcomposites will be carried out, with the assist of in situ opticaland SEM imaging for further improvement. The final prototypeshould be extremely light yet durable as compare to naturalcellular materials, highly configurable and anti-corrosion. In thefurther stage, by collaborating with local industry and publicR&D agencies, we will commercialize this products for industrialapplications.


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