Design and Development of Nanotechnologies for Nanodevices

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Novel nanodevices and nanotechnology can lead to higher performance and better functionality in many applications, which will directly elevate productivity and enhance the well-being of society. We plan to identify and address critical challenges in the design and development of nanotechnologies for advanced nanodevices, laying the foundation for forming next-generation devices and circuits. We will focus on ultrahigh-resolution nanopatterning technologies and three-dimensional (3D) packaging of novel devices and circuits. Advanced nanoimprint lithography (NIL) will be developed, enabling high-speed patterning of nanometer-size devices over a large area with high uniformity. 3D packaging and thermal management will be investigated to vertically stack multiple devices and chips to increase the complexity and functionality. Our team will have complementary expertise to tackle the related areas. 


Project number7020084
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/04/23 → …