Design and Analysis of Boolean Functions Basis for Cellular Nonlinear Networks

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Many real-world signal/image processing and computing applications can be easily processed with a single cellular nonlinear network (CNN) template or a sequence of CNN templates, in a brain-like operational manner, for which a complete set of basic Boolean functions are the most fundamental units. This research project will carry out the algorithm design and mathematical analysis of a large class of CNN templates with multi-inputs. The designed algorithm will be specified to meet software and hardware realization requirements in the next phase of the development. The mathematical analysis includes deriving some precise criteria and conditions for the linearly separable Boolean functions and the decomposition of those non-separable ones. The final algorithm can determine whether a given Boolean function is linearly separable: if yes, then the template parameters will be further determined; if no, then it will optimally decomposed into an implementable combination of the linearly separable ones in terms of logic operations. This project, once completed, can pave the way to a new powerful computing mechanism.


Project number7002274
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0821/09/09