Dependable Service Composition in Service-Oriented Wireless Ad Hoc/Sensor Networks

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In service-oriented wireless ad hoc/sensor networks, service disruptions happen more often due to limited bandwidth and battery power as well as frequent node mobility. Thus it is highly desirable to have dependable service composition solutions that incorporate the unique characteristics of wireless ad hoc/sensor networks to provide continuous service. In this project, the researchers propose a framework of dependable service composition in wireless ad hoc/sensor networks to study the reliability as well as scalability for service composition. They will investigate approaches to avoid service disruptions by taking mobility and sleep scheduling into consideration, by providing fault-tolerant service composition solutions, and by maximizing resource sharing among multiple service composition requests. Such problems will be investigated under generic and realistic service-oriented applications in wireless ad hoc/sensor networks where a service composition request might involve multiple data streams and have certain flexibility in service invocation orders. The proposed work fills the void in the literature for dependable service composition in wireless ad hoc/sensor networks and it will make the migration of service-oriented computing to wireless ad hoc/sensor networks a reality.


Project number9041258
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0728/10/10