Deep-wall Crack Propagation Structural and AI Technology

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The traditional method of using thermal photogrammetry or ultra-sound for building external wall inspection can only correctly investigate wall cracks and defects that are visually inspectable. However, deep-wall damages and cracks have been an issue that imposes great challenges to building and structural engineers in the past. Many practical approaches could only predict deepwalldamages with limited successes and therefore there have been considerable loss and waste in manpower, cost and time. In this project, we will develop an artificial intelligence (AI) technology for predicting and analyzing deep-wall crack propagation. This is a subject of cross-disciplinary nature that will involve technical knowledge and expertise from both civil and structural engineeringas well as electronic, electrical and software engineering. The project will be further extended for application of an ITF Midstream Research Programme for Universities that will further require expertise in building survey and architectural engineering in the future.


Project number7020050
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …