Decomposing Embedded Ties in Marketing Channels: An Exploration

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The aim of this study is to investigate how firms interact through boundary personnel to enhance their relationships and to mitigate opportunism behaviours in marketing channels. The researchers intend to develop a framework to understand the developmental process of embedded ties in marketing channels according to their driving forces, embedding elements, and consequences. In the model, they identify economic, social, and institutional driving forces of embedded ties. Interpersonal interactions between firms' boundary spanners are regarded as mediators that carry over the effects of structural ties on the formation of embedded ties. The researchers further decompose embedded ties as a causal model consisting of interpretational trust, information sharing, and joint problem solving. Finally, they maintain that embedded ties serve as another effective governance mechanism that enhances relational outcomes in marketing channels. This study will facilitate our understandings of the working mechanism of embedded ties in managing channel relationships.


Project number7002182
Effective start/end date1/10/078/04/10