DEC Learning through Scientific Argumentation! in Material Engineering

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Recently, “Learning through Argumentation!” is one of the 10 Innovative Learning Strategies forModern Pedagogy (2017)*. For example, students can advance their understanding of science andmathematics by arguing in ways similar to professional scientists and mathematicians. ScientificArgumentation helps students attend to contrasting ideas, which can deepen their learning. It makestechnical reasoning public, for all to learn. It also allows students to refine ideas with others, so theylearn how scientists work together to establish or refute claims.Lecturers can spark meaningful discussion in classrooms byencouraging students to ask open-ended questions, re-stateremarks in more scientific language, and develop and usemodels to construct explanations. When students argue inscientific ways, they learn how to take turns, listen actively, andrespond constructively to others. The outcomes of this proposal can help lecturers to learn these strategies and overcome challenges, such as how to share theirintellectual expertise with students appropriately.


Project number6000633
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/01/1830/06/19