Data-driven Innovation on Smart Cities: Behavior and Institutions on Open Data and Intellectual Property

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The development of smart cities critically depends on readily access to, maintenance and utilization of various kinds of data beyond sectoral boundaries. While open data access and mutual sharing would be beneficial from a societal perspective, companies and agencies in various sectors would not necessarily be willing to open their data or share data with others. It is critical to understand the incentives to organizations in the academic, public and private sectors for the creation and disclosure of data and to establish appropriate institutional conditions and environment. In this project we will examine the availability, accessibility, and usability of various types of data concerning diverse aspects of urban systems and identify opportunities and challenges in utilizing them for establishing smart cities. An empirical investigation is conducted on the behavior of organizations and their incentives to creating, sharing and utilizing data with implications for policies and institutions on smart cities.


Project number7200546
Effective start/end date1/09/1730/08/18