Data Allocation in Broadcast Schedule for Real-time Multi-item Requests

Project: Research

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Mobile computing is becoming indispensable for some users to access time-critical information or services such as stock trading and location-based services for business or personal use. In these applications, users’ requests for multiple data items are initiated on a demand basis and information will be of no value if it cannot be delivered before the request’s deadline. On-demand broadcast is an effective and highly scalable wireless data dissemination technique to deal with dynamic data access patterns of a huge population of mobile clients. Most of the recently proposed algorithms only consider single-item requests and cannot support these emerging advanced mobile applications. In this project, the researchers propose a robust and responsive on-demand data broadcast algorithm that produces high-quality broadcast schedules using a time-cognizant scheduling principle and data allocation scheme to meet requests’ deadlines and to better utilize broadcast bandwidth by capitalizing data sharing among users’ requests.


Project number7002133
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/076/01/10