“Curiosity-based learning: The “Addicted to Discovery” student research programme”

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"Discovery-enriched learning, or inquiry-based instruction, has received huge popularity in recent years. However, the effectiveness of discovery-enriched learning can be highly heterogeneous, as it is more strongly associated with how motivated the students are in making discoveries. While many scholars have studied the pedagogy of discovery-enriched learning, relatively little has been published on how to motivate students to conduct inquiry and discovery. I have recently created, tested and optimized a research programme at City University of Hong Kong entitled “Addicted to Discovery (ATD)” for first year undergraduate students. Unlike other similar summer research programmes, ATD asks students to not only come up with their own research proposals but to base them on their childhood experience. Preliminary observations suggest that students were highly motivated by this approach. The aim of this project is to formulate the detailed pedagogy for teaching discoveries, based on the experience I accumulated in the two seasons of ATD we have organized so far. The pedagogy will be built on the observation during ATD that the recount of the students’ childhood memories of curiosity is an effective way of motivating them to make discoveries at present. I will also investigate how the approach of reawakening childhood curiosity may be applied to other courses."


Project number6980119
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Effective start/end date1/02/151/02/16