Cultural Syndromes, Perspective Flexibility, and Consumer Behavior

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We aim to investigate the effects of culture-related perspective flexibility in consumers' attribution of service failure, probability estimation, and counterfactual thinking. Specifically, we will argue that 1) a flexible (vs. inflexible) customer (i.e., with collectivistic or long-term orientation cultural syndrome) is more likely to attribute a service failure to the service provider's contextual factors (e.g., the environment and the customer themselves), but is less likely to attribute it to the service provider's dispositional factors (e.g., poor attitude and unprofessional skills); 2) flexible individuals are likely to overestimate the chance that low-probability events occur to themselves (e.g., winning a lottery) but to make extra preparations for the non-occurrence of high-probability events; and 3) when thinking counterfactually, flexible individuals are more likely than inflexible persons to shift their perspective to a point in the past, resulting in a better understanding of the situational determinants of their past behavior.


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