Cross Validation of the Zebrafish Bioassay System for Drug Screening and Toxicological Assessments

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We have successfully developed a zebrafish-based technology platform to screen agents with angiogenic modulating activities as well as to evaluate their toxicities. This prototype of drug screening platform is very effective resulting in rapid identification of lead compounds in less than 21 months. All of them show antigenic modulating activities and yet being non-toxic in the effective dosages. Listed biotech companies have expressed keen interest in this drug screening platform. However, the lack of cross validation data renders it difficult for the industrial sector to integrate this technology platform into their in-house drug screening system.In this proposal, we ask for funding support to generate the critically needed data on cross validation. Specifically, we will also use this zebrafish platform to test drugs and agents with known angiogenic modulating activities in human and to confirm whether the same modes of action occur in both species. Similarly, well known cardiotoxic drugs will be tested in this platform while additional electrophysiology data will be obtained. We will validate the angiogenic activities of the previously identified lead compounds in another bioassay for angiogenesis. Data on the comparative concentrations of effective dosages will be instrumental in the industrial applicability of this bioassay system.


Project number9440054
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date26/09/0625/09/07