Crime Prevention Discovery Channel

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"Crime Prevention Discovery Channel" is an 18-month project that aims to provide students across disciplines (e.g., criminology and electronic engineering) with the chance to contribute to solving crime, especially around various emerging forms of fraud. This proposed project is a new attempt to get our students goes through the process of "knowledge discovery" and "knowledge transfer" through an inter-disciplinary collaboration within CityU and, outside CityU, with the Crime Prevention Unit of the Hong Kong Police Department. Two faculty members with science and social science backgrounds will join hands to nurture our students' discovery of the process of learning how to understand new concepts beginning with their own expertise. In this project, students across departments will team up with police officers from the Crime Prevention Unit to design 8-10 app products. Those products will be released to the general public, especially to elderly people (street and telephone deception), and young people (fraud through compensated dating or naked chats). Hopefully, this project will not only widen our students' learning horizons, but also make good use of students' talent for discovery to benefit Hong Kong society. Besides, the Apps Forum, which will be accessible by potential employers, will help our students to demonstrate their impressive portfolios.


Project number6000518
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/01/1530/06/16