Cost-effectiveness of Rapid Test and Vaccination for Dengue after Reopening Borders - Hong Kong as a Case Study

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Preparing for a rise in Dengue outbreak after border reopening is an important public health task in subtropics, such as Hong Kong. Due to global warming, the outbreak of Dengue in the future can be even severe than before the pandemic. The study focuses on assessing cost-effectiveness of public health interventions, including rapid test and vaccination in preventing this deadly disease Rapid test is able to provide an earlier detection while vaccination can provide stronger population immunity. Unlike respiratory infectious diseases, Dengue transmission is not mainly depending on close contact. We propose to evaluate the effect of testing household member of infected cases. Moreover, the effect of Dengue vaccine is controversial because antibody may induce a more severe infection. The results help to design evidence-based public health interventions and policies and find proper urgent responses for Dengue fever without causing lots of costs if a significant outbreak happens. 


Project number7020078
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