Core/shell Perovskite Quantum Dots with Excellent Stability and Their Application to Light-emitting Displays

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Metal halide perovskite quantum dots have high quantum yield, pure luminescence color, wide and adjustable emission range, thereby being ideal for fabricating high-performance display light-emitting diodes (LEDs) while suffering from their ionic crystal nature thatresults in undesired operational stability in devices. This project intends to build core-shell perovskite quantum dots with a smooth interface barrier and an optimized energy level structure, which is expected to fundamentally solve the stability issue while maintainingtheir excellent photoelectric properties. We will use in-situ spectroscopy and crystal structure characterization to reveal the nucleation, crystallization, and growth process of perovskite quantum dots with a core-shell structure. Then we will combine the carrier dynamics test and volt-ampere characteristics to establish the carrier transport model of the quantum dot LED. Benefitting from our accumulated knowledge/experience, highly stable perovskite quantum dots with the core-shell structure could be developed, together with high-performance LED devices based on the obtained quantum dots.


Project number9440329
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date15/12/22 → …