Coordination Control of Networked Dynamic Systems with Event-based Strategies and Its Application

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Coordination control of networked dynamic systems has been extensively studied with many applications in multiple mobile robots, multiple biomedical devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, and so on. In many applications, the number of subsystems in a networked dynamic system could be very large to strengthen reliability, scalability, and robustness of the whole system. An economical design in hardware realization of such networked systems would equip each subsystem with a simple embedded micro-processor and low-cost communication and actuation modules. This low-cost hardware design would normally yield limited onboard energy resources and low-level capabilities, which thus present new challenges in control of such networked dynamic systems. One of the key challenges is to design appropriate communication protocols and control strategies for such networked systems so that their limited onboard energy resources can be saved and their operational life-span can be prolonged. This motivates researchers to investigate and develop event-based schemes instead of current periodic sampling schemes for those networked dynamic systems. It has been shown that event-based schemes could potentially save a large amount of energy for control systems and thus prolong their operational life-span significantly. However, the recent literature review has revealed that many critical issues on analysis and synthesis of event-based control of networked dynamic systems, such as heterogeneous subsystem dynamics, switching toplogies, robustness to uncertainties and environmental disturbances, communication constraints, have not been well addressed. These issues, if not well addressed, would greatly degrade the performance of networked dynamic systems. Thus more advanced theories, techniques, and tools addressing those issues for event-based control of networked dynamic systems are warranted. This project will investigate and develop novel approaches to event design, stability analysis, and event-based distributed controller synthesis of networked dynamic systems with heterogeneous subsystem dynamics, switching toplogies, uncertainties, environmental disturbances and communication constraints. The outcome of this project is expected to enrich the theoretical foundation and also provide more solid analysis and synthesis tools in study of networked dynamic systems.


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