Coordinated Control of Network Multi-agent Systems

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Inspired by the natural phenomena, it is noticed that certain living beings tend to perform swarming behaviour. Their operational principles are useful for the development of distributed cooperative control, coordination and learning strategies for autonomous agent systems, such as autonomous multi-robot applications, unmanned vehicles, ad hoc wireless networks, and so on. In particular, the objectives of this project are:to model a networked multi-agent system in an asynchronous framework involving time-delays, and to analyze the stability in which critical conditions for the onset of collective behaviors;to establish the necessary conditions or parameter regions for preventing swarming and develop the corresponding control strategies, such as distributed, leaderless or leader following control schemes; andto testify the control methodology with an early control and detection of wingless juvenile bands.This can serve as prevention of locust disaster, while as the same time, to provide the framework for the control of other networked dynamical systems in engineering and biology.


Project number9053001
Grant typeGer/HKJRS
Effective start/end date1/01/097/06/11