Computer-aided Design Centric Teaching: A Hybrid Classrooms Pedagogy for Engineering

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The Covid‐19 pandemic has caused a huge socio‐economic impact and impaired routine classroomteaching across the globe. While the situation is still far from over, online solutions for teaching arerapidly emerging and being constantly improved by educators and educational institutions. Thequestions of how to raise effectiveness in computer-based teaching and learning have become ofurgent importance.Coinsidentally, in engineering design, there had been decades of evolution in design methodologytowards greater reliance on computed-aided design (CAD) tools. However, the education ofengineering design lacks behind significantly. It is not uncommon that CAD tools are incorporatedinto a course sparingly and hapharardly, often only as an afterthought.In this project, we aim to develop a pedagogy for teaching materials engineering that centers oncomputer-aided design. This pedagogy can be used to enhance existing engineering courses with adesign focus, i.e. those that emphasize “synthesis” rather than “analysis”. The pedagogy introducesCAD tools right from the beginning of the course so that students can learn CAD design andfundamental engineering principles concurrently. The intented learning outcomes are envisioned toinclude abilities to capture design ideas in computer software, perform simulations, benefit fromimmediate feedback, cope with practical design tradeoffs, thinking creatively, and present ideaseffectively.


Project number6000752
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
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