Compositional Engineering toward Highly Efficient Lead-free Perovskite Solar Cell

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Organic-inorganic halide perovskite solar cells (PVSCs) have drawn significant attentions from academia and industry due to superior semiconducting properties. The state-of-the-art power conversion efficiencies of PVSCs have been realized to a record value of 22. 7%, which on par with those of existing inorganic photovoltaic technologies. Recently, the critical concern about lead toxicity and water soluble has been unavoidably raised, which poses a serious environmental threat while scaling the PVSCs for mass production. Changing the metal element in these lead based hybrid perovskite to other alternative non-toxicity element such as Sn, Bi, Zn, Ge, Cu, etc. could reduce or eliminate the environmental concerns on PVSCs. However, the structural parameters such as distances and angles that define the perovskite structure has also changed when replacing these chemical elements of these hybrids perovskite, and their physical properties like electron/hole mobility, band gaps, exciton diffusion length, exciton binding energy and exciton lifetime has also been influenced. In this proposal, we seek to design and synthesis lead-free perovskite with novel composition and structure. Their materials properties together with device performance will also been investigated. Our previous knowledge and design principles would help us make it possible to investigate ways to chemically tune the physically properties and further device performance. Finally, several novel perovskite materials with improvement of existing properties will be expected and their device PCE performance will been largely improved.


Project number7200587
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