Characterizing The Temporal Dynamics of Gut Virome and Its Role in Metabolic Functions in Neonatal Dairy Calves

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Growing evidence from human and the other mammalian studies suggests that gut virome play a crucial role in mediating the structure and functions of the entire microbial communities. However, research on the gut virome and their potential roles in shaping the microbial communities for ruminants is much lagging behind, and the temporal dynamics of gut virome in neonatal calves is not established yet. In this proposal, a longitudinal study is proposed to establish temporal dynamics of gut virome in neonatal dairy calves using the state-of-the-art omics technologies and bioinformatics pipelines. Furthermore, data integrating for metabolomic and metagenomic data will be conducted to investigate the potential role of gut virome in the gut microbiome ecology and metabolic functions. It is expected to create a solid foundation to develop gut-microbiome targeted manipulation strategy for improved performance and health of dairy cows.


Project number7020092
Grant typeSIRG
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