Characterization of Single Skin Bacteria Influenced by Air Pollution via a Novel Microfluidic Platform

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The assemblage of bacteria on human skin play an important role on cutaneous health. Our previous work has shown that the skin bacteria can potentially defend the host against air pollution by degrading the pollutants. In order to advance knowledge on the skin bacteria for clinical and cosmetic applications in the context of air pollution, we propose to develop a novel microfluidic platform that can isolate and cultivate single bacteria to query their physiology and genetics. The ability to isolate, cultivate and prospect single cells will give an unprecedented resolution on the properties of the bacteria. This project addresses an important topic in health by querying how environmental pollution affects human skin. An interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in microbiology, medicine and biomedical engineering will work together to deliver this project, which is of significance to the health of citizens in Hong Kong and elsewhere. 


Project number7020049
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …