Characterization and Modeling of Low-Frequency Noise in Radio Frequency CMOS Devices and Circuits

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With the availability of nano-CMOS technology, and multi-finger layout, radio-frequency front-ends in telecommunication circuits can now be implemented using MOS transistors. However, the performance of these circuits is still limited by the low-frequency or flicker noise level of the transistors, which must be taken into account in the circuit designs. The flicker noise behaviour in nanoscale and multi-finger transistors has not been fully explored, and there is no valid model that is able to describe the noise characteristics satisfactorily. This work aims to characterize and to model the low-frequency noise characteristics in multi-finger nanoscale MOS transistors. The specific objectives are to:characterize the flicker noise characteristics and explore the noise generation mechanisms in the nanoscale MOS transistors; anddevelop compact noise models for circuit design applications.


Project number7002097
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0724/02/09