Centre for Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research (CSCR)

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The Applied Strategic Development Centre for Power Electronics and Applications, newly established in October 2006, focuses on the fundamental and applied research in Power Electronics and its applications. The research team is renowned for its innovative ideas and practicality of the outputs.The areas of applied research include:Power electronic circuit and high-efficient energy conversion techniquesNovel planar and integrated methods in power electronic designs.Energy saving and environmentally-friendly solution for power supply, lighting and manufacturing industries.New charging technologies (including universal charging platform technology) for a wide range of consumer electronic productsDischarge lamp modeling and control of LED lighting devices.High-voltage inverter applications.External collaboration with overseas or local industrial expertsCollaboration with government departments and power companies on large energy saving projects.


Project number9600008
Grant typeASDC
Effective start/end date19/10/06 → …