Brian Electrical and Biomolecular Mechanisms Underlying Sound Hypersensitivity

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Sound hypersensitivity is significantly reduced tolerance to moderately loud sounds. Patients find typically acceptable sound intensities too loud (hyperacusis), or react adversely to specific sounds (misophonia or phonophobia). Sound hypersensitivity can be debilitating, leading to significant discomfort or pain, fear of sound, and anger. This can result in social isolation and affect work and school performance. There is presently no cure for sound hypersensitivity. Thus, there is significant need to investigate the underlying causes. In particular, the biophysical and biochemical mechanisms underlying sound hypersensitivity are not well understood. This limits treatment development.This innovative project will investigate the brain mechanisms underlying sound hypersensitivity. The project will employ a clinically relevant rat model of sound hypersensitivity. Subjects will undergo audiometric tests of basic hearing. Importantly, their loudness perception and sound avoidance will be behaviorally measured to assess hypersensitivity. 


Project number7005264
Grant typeSRG-Fd
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