Bound States in the Continuum Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation of Lithium Niobate 

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Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) is one of the essential nonlinear optical materials due to its wide transmission window, high refractive index, large nonlinear coefficient, etc. Currently, many important applications are using Lithium Niobate in laser sources, integrated photonic circuits, and second harmonic generation (SHG), etc. In 1929, Von Neumann and Wigner first proposed bound states in the continuum (BICs) that coexist with a continuous spectrum of radiating waves, and entirely confined without any radiation. The ultra-high Quality-factor (Q-factor) is the key importance of bound state in the continuum (BIC). Very recently, Yuri Kivsharet al.proposed that multiple-harmonic nonlinear resonance can be significantly enhanced by BIC. In this proposal, we will calculate, design, fabricate, and characterize novel meta-surface nanostructures for the ultra-high Q-factor BIC-based SHG of Lithium Niobate. We theoretically study the BIC of the meta-surfaces by the band theory, and analyze the BIC by simulating of resonance spectrum of the novel meta-surfaces at the interface of Lithium Niobate. Advanced computation and simulation work on the meta-surface nano-structures, BIC, and SHG will be conducted and used to design the layout of the novel meta-surface nano-structures. Based on our excellent experience and capability of nano-fabrication, we will fabricate and characterize various new meta-surface samples for achieving the ultra-high Q-factor of BIC in the SHG of Lithium Niobate. Results of our measurement and characterization will demonstrate the novel meta-optical device based on BIC enhanced SHG of Lithium Niobate. Our goal is to understand the mechanism of the BIC enhanced SHG effect, and apply the finding to the developments of novel meta-optical SHG device. We expect the experimental and theoretical research results of this project will innovatively create important BIC enhanced SHG optical meta-device for next generation high efficiency nanophotonics science and technology. 


Project number9043277
Grant typeGRF
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