Biomedical Waste Blood-Cotton Derived Carbon Interlayer for Flexible Supercapacitors: Preparation and Characterization

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This project aims to synthesize novel flexible carbon interlayer (FCI) derived from biomedical waste blood-cotton, as well as FCI supported hierarchical Ni-Co-Mn hydroxides (NCMH@FCI) electrodes by simple pyrolysis process and hydrothermal method. Furthermore, the new FCI inspired high-performance FCI//FCI symmetric supercapacitor and FCI//NCMH@FCI asymmetric supercapacitor devices will be developed. Low-cost and lightweight carbon interlayer derived from biomedical waste blood-cotton will be used as both negative electrodes and soft substrate for positive electrodes. FCI will be prepared with incomparable merits for assembled devices, such as excellent electrical conductivity, superior chemical stability, and good flexibility. The idea to choose biomedical waste blood-cotton as pyrolysis precursor not only reuses the biomedical waste raw materials, but also obtains improved electrochemical properties compared with pristine cotton derived carbon. The intrinsic flexibility of cotton-derived carbon interlayer is able to affect mechanical resilience, enable convenient roll-to-roll processing and allow the fabrication of collapsible, flexible and portable supercapacitors.


Project number7005073
Effective start/end date1/09/18 → …