Bioconversion of Food Waste to Biosurfactants

Project: ResearchARG

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Daily food waste generation in Hong Kong has reached 3,600 tonnes, accounting for almost 40% of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Nearly all is dumped to landfills with the waste-to-landfill approach, losing a valuable food resource and opportunity of regeneration. In addition, all of the landfills in Hong Kong are expected to be full by 2018. There is certainly an urgent need to explore an alternative in food waste recycling. Exploiting food waste and by-product streams generated by the food and beverage industry for chemical and material production could create sustainable, cost-effective and bio-based processes. In this study, the feasibility of food waste as a substrate for biodegradable surfactant production by Starmerella bombicola will be investigated. Techno-economic evaluation will be carried out to assess the economics for upscaling. The expected outcomes of the proposed project are to develop a green, sustainable and cost-effective process of sophorolipids production using food waste as substrate and also provide a scientific basis for further commercialization and applications in various industries.


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