Bilinear Superspace Method for Quasi-periodic Wave Solutions of Supersymmetric Equations

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Due the introduction of the concept of supersymmetry on elementary particles in the last decades, many physical phenomena and dynamical processes in the studies of relativistic and non-relativistic physics can be modelled by supersymmetric equations. In recent years, supersymmetry has been a focus of investigation in both physics and mathematics. However, the quasi-periodic solutions of supersymmetric systems, which can be considered as a generalization of the soliton solutions, are still not available. Based on Hirota’s bilinear method and the use of super Riemann theta function, this proposed research project attempts to systematically develop a new bilinear superspace method to effectively construct multi-periodic wave solutions of supersymmetric equations.


Project number7002564
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/105/03/13