Base Station Deployment and Dynamic User Association for 5G Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks

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This project aims to develop novel techniques for next generation 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) cellular networks that will: 1. Develop an mmWave cellular network simulator based on a geometric stochastic model under real Hong Kong street maps.2. Using the simulator, design optimal base-station deployment techniques that meet 5G high data rate and low latency requirements.3. Using the simulator, develop techniques for dynamic user association and traffic off-loading across macro-cell and small-cell base stations.R&D Methodology We will propose a high-fidelity mmWave cellular network simulator. Our simulator will enable the use of Hong Kong street maps and dynamic user-association techniques based on the computationally-efficient network analytical tools, developed by the Project Coordinator (PC). It will also exploit the recently devised 5G base-station deployment techniques on urban street maps under the collaboration with Co-PC. Impact and Benefits The project outcomes will:1. Enable early exploration and evaluation of 5G technologies that can be potentially put as a reference model for facilitating operators to use it to develop further advanced systems.2. Resolve the trade-off between the operational cost and network performance.3. Promote a "smarter" city, driven by the energy efficient 5G networks.


Project number9440198
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/10/1831/08/20