Autofocus Spectacles to Treat Presbyopia, Myopia, and Other Refractive Disorders

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Refractive errors (defects of focus of the eye) are extremely common. In particular, nearly 2 billion people in the world are presbyopic [1]1, with little or no ability to change accommodation of the eye because of age-related hardening of the lens. The goal of this project is to use data from psychophysical experiments to guide the design and construction of autofocus spectacles, using liquid lenses, yoked to high-frequency optical range-finding, to provide rapid and accurate focusing of the retinal image at all viewing distances. In addition to offering a complete solution to presbyopia, there are many other potential applications in the management of refractive disorders.Our project will address technical, perceptual and behavioural challenges, making it a truly interdisciplinary. Within 1 year, we aim to develop two prototypes: a tabletop version and a fully mobile one. Through perceptual experiments, we will investigate the feasibility and constraints of our ideas.


Project number7020024
Grant typeSIRG
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