Atomic Resolution Dynamics of Temperature-Responsive Breathing Flexible Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

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Meso-porous highly coordinated metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are promising materials for huge variety of applications such as drug release and selective CO2 or H2 gas storage/separation/purification. But the detail mechanisms of the phase transformation and gas adsorption/ absorption on MOFs have not yet been understood. High resolution transmission electron microscope (HRTEM) offers a direct tool to disclose this secret at atomic scale but there are difficulty hinders this observation due to electron beam sensitive nature of MOFs.A unique state-of-the-art TEM, JEOL GRAND ARM II will be installed in city University of Hong Kong in November 2020. It is equipped with pulsed electron source of a cold field emission gun and with IDES tiling record system and ultra-fast and ultrahigh-sensitive camera, Gatan K3-IS. By properly tuning electron beam pulse length (rate), 3D structural evolution of flexible MOFs at atomic resolution and at micronsecond time resolution can be recorded, while the pristine state of MOF can be preserved. This in-situ dynamics experiment can be carried out with an external laser stimuli and either in or without a H2/ CO2environment. The information of the atomic resolution dynamics may offer a fundamental understanding on mechanism of thermally or pressure triggered breathing and/or selective CO2or H2gas adsorption/desorption of flexible MOFs which is important for the applications of drug delivery, greenhouse gas storage/separation/purification, or clean hydrogen energy cycles, respectively. 


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