Assessment of Wind Energy Potential and Wind Loads for Design of Wind Turbines In Offshore Areas of Hong Kong

Project: ResearchARG

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Hong Kong is a highly-developed city that has a strong dependence on energy supply. Given Hong Kong’s energy-supply situation, it is expected that the harvesting of wind energy at offshore areas can not only contribute significantly to the energy supply system, but also enhance Hong Kong’s sustainable development. The objective of this project is to provide a comprehensive assessment of offshore wind energy potential and wind characteristics in Hong Kong, which aims to facilitate the strategic planning of future wind energy farms. Statistical analyses of wind characteristics at different offshore areas will be performed, and a wide variety of characteristic parameters associates with wind energy development will be determined. Moreover, investigations on vertical wind profiles at offshore areas will be carried out, in particular for typhoon winds. The results can be well used to improve the wind-resistant design and assessment of economic feasibility of wind turbines.


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