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Despite contextualizing creativity, art history is traditionally taught in distinctly uncreative ways. Even the most excursion-based art history class relies greatly upon preparatory reading, in-class lecturing and written assignments. But what happens if we ask students to paint, video or sculpt art knowledge, to encounter a concept, synthesize and test it out? How much more sophisticated is their grasp of art theory and how much more developed is their capacity for critical thinking when they get hands-on with art ideas? By flipping the classroom (using Echo360) and pre-recording a library of preparatory lectures I will lay the groundwork for and turn over more class time to practical and experimental art contextual projects. Students will develop valuable transferable skills in creating innovative practices and platforms for responding to culture. Lecture units will be offered on Blackboard and a bespoke website that re-enforces the 'lab style' of working - while connecting students to other online art history resources such as Draw Art, SmartHistory and the Google Art Project.


Project number6000479
Grant typeTSG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/05/15